Customs 360 is a digitalized one-stop customs reporting and analysis platform.

Customs 360 is a groundbreaking customs and trade intelligence tool designed for both MNCs and SMEs

By subscribing you get access to customized data dashboards that put you in control of your customs compliance.

In addition, you will receive real-time notifications of any discrepancies and feedback on overall customs declaration progress.

The key features of Customs 360 include:

  • Customizable data metrics to assist and accelerate decision-making.
  • Automate tax filing preparation.
  • Records are automatically retained for five years and more.
  • Customs performance analysis.
  • Easy retrieval of customs and shipping records.
  • Data security guaranteed.
  • Complete visibility with automated alerts on all customs activity

The next generation of customs analysis is here now.

For Singapore companies, you can access Customs 360 from this URL.

What do you need to know about Customs 360:

Customizable Data Metrics Assist and Accelerate Decision-making

  • We deliver the information in accordance with your needs and not from standard templates. That means you have the info where you want it and when you want it, and can make decisions immediately.

Automate Tax Filing Preparation

  • With many duty or VAT relief schemes requiring monthly customised reporting, it is critical you have the filing information ready at your fingertips.
  • By using Customs 360, you can automate the preparation of forms and filings because the platform does the work.
  • Whether its CFSP in the UK, MES in Singapore or the GPA in the Netherland, and many others, Customs 360 prepares the fields for the reports you need to file

Records are Automatically Retained for Five Years Minimum

  • Most jurisdictions require importing and exporting businesses to retain customs documents for several years
  • TNETS recognises this and therefore Customs 360 automatically retains documents for a minimum of five years
  • This setting can be changed by clients such that documents are automatically retained for the set period of time – up to ten years.

Customs Performance Analysis

  • As Customs 360 pulls in data from an entire customs account at the Company Registry level, all data is available for use in customs performance analysis within Customs 360
  • Data can be analysed irrespective of trade lane, shipping mode, whether it’s an import, export or transhipment, declaration software used, broker-, forwarder, or self-declared, whether it is postal, express or hard freight.
  • There are standard reporting templates that can be modified very easily to suit user needs but there is also a fully functioning customs report writer

Easy Retrieval of Customs and Shipping Records

  • Customs 360 retains all shipping documents in electronic form and these can be recovered by pdf at any time
  • In addition to this, all documents which are digitised as part of the customs declaration or customs entry process – which is typically the commercial invoice, packing list and transport document – can also be retrieved electronically
  • Downloads of documents and data can be set to run automatically or can be triggered manually

Data Security Guaranteed

  • Customs 360 connects with TNETS core operating platform TNETS 4.1 and this connectivity is secure
  • Many customers now connect to TNETS 4.1 through their ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and JDA
  • ERP connectivity to TNETS 4.1 facilitates backflow connectivity of structured data from Customs 360
  • Connectivity is tired and trusted and guarantees security of data

Complete Visibility with Automated Alerts on all Customs Activity

    • Customs 360 sends alerts where unexpected / unapproved use of your customs account is detected
    • The system can also estimate advance export declaration failure allowing you as the cargo owner to intervene
    • Alerts can be set up to monitor all aspects of customs activity, including values, HS code usage, ECCNs, and trade lanes

    In summary, users of Customs 360 find it to be a very valuable tool to monitor their customs activity. Deploying Customs 360 is non-intrusive into existing systems and is therefore every easy to implement.