Customs Audit Services by TNETS Global

Ensuring Compliance and Mitigating Risks In Cross-Border Trade

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Customs Audit Services by TNETS Global
What is Customs Audit and how does it work?

Why Choose TNETS Global for Customs Audit?

A customs audit can be a stressful and costly process for any business. In an increasingly complex global trade landscape, customs authorities are vigilant in ensuring compliance with regulations.

However, with TNETS Global as your partner, you can proactively manage customs audit risks and ensure smooth customs compliance.

Why Choose TNETS Global for Customs Audits?

TNETS Global brings years of experience and expertise in customs compliance to the table. Our comprehensive customs audit services are designed to help you avoid common pitfalls and mitigate potential risks identified by customs authorities. Here are some key areas where our services can make a significant difference:

1. Valuation Issues

Customs authorities frequently scrutinize the valuation of imported or exported goods. Incorrect valuation can lead to penalties, delays, and increased costs. TNETS Global conducts thorough assessments of your valuation methods and assists in ensuring they comply with international standards.

2. Classification Errors

One of the most common areas where companies face customs audit issues is the incorrect classification of goods. TNETS Global’s experts review your product classifications, ensuring they align with the Harmonized System (HS) and other relevant coding systems. Proper classification helps prevent delays and penalties.

3. Documentation and Recordkeeping

Inadequate or inaccurate documentation can trigger customs audits. TNETS Global offers guidance on improving your recordkeeping processes and documentation accuracy to meet customs authorities’ stringent requirements.

4. Tariff and Trade Agreement Compliance

Navigating complex tariff structures and trade agreements is challenging. Our experts provide guidance on leveraging preferential trade agreements and tariff concessions, helping you remain competitive while staying compliant.

5. Transfer Pricing and Transfer of Intellectual Property

Customs authorities are increasingly concerned about transfer pricing and the transfer of intellectual property within international businesses. TNETS Global assists in setting up transfer pricing policies that align with customs regulations and mitigate audit risks.

6. Country of Origin Determination

Determining the correct country of origin for your products is crucial for compliance with trade agreements and tariff eligibility. Our services help you establish robust country of origin determinations to avoid disputes and customs audit complications.

7. Free Trade Agreements (FTA) Compliance

With the proliferation of FTAs, understanding and complying with their rules of origin can be challenging. TNETS Global offers expert advice on FTA utilization, helping you maximize cost savings while ensuring compliance.

8. Post-Entry Amendments and Corrections

When errors are identified post-entry, timely and accurate corrections are essential. TNETS Global assists in rectifying entry errors to minimize audit risks and potential penalties.

9. Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Our customs audit services go beyond mere compliance. We conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential issues and provide proactive solutions to mitigate those risks before they become costly problems.

10. Legal Support and Representation

In the event of a customs audit, TNETS Global can provide legal support and representation, ensuring you have a knowledgeable advocate to guide you through the audit process and minimize potential penalties.


TNETS Global’s Customs Audit Services are your shield against customs audit risks. We understand the nuances of customs compliance and have the expertise to address common areas that often trigger audits. Our proactive approach ensures you not only stay compliant but also streamline your customs operations for efficiency and cost savings.

Don’t wait for customs audits to become a problem. Contact TNETS Global today and let us help you proactively manage customs compliance and mitigate audit risks, allowing you to focus on growing your international business with confidence.

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