Moving to a single customs broker: why wrestle with the risks and complexities of multiple freight forwarders performing customs clearance on your behalf?

TNETS’ Single Customs Broker Solution delivers:

  • In-House National Customs Approved Customs Declaration Technology Means No Licences To Buy Or Expensive Software And Hardware To Maintain
  • Preserves And Enhances Existing Shipper / Freight Forwarder Relationships By Separating Customs From Freight
  • Allows Greater Flexibility In Freight Forwarder Selection By Separating Customs From Freight – Now Get The Best Of Both!
  • Single Party Accountability To Shipper For Operational Customs And Trade Compliance Matters Removes Handoff Issues Between Service Providers
  • In-House Team Of Fully Qualified And Experienced Customs Qualified Declarants Around The World And Around The Clock
  • Capable Of Dealing With Spikes In Customs Demand Especially At Peak Periods Such As Month And Quarter End
  • Single And Dedicated Focus On Operational Customs And Trade Compliance Matters At All Times
  • National  Customs Registered Service Bureaus Around The World Giving Direct Customs Access Not Through Intermediaries
  • Obtain The Lowest Possible Cost And Fastest Possible Speed Of Customs Compliance For All Shipments
  • 24/7/365 Customs Declaration Capability And Expertise Around The World
  • Seamless EDI Integration To ERP, WMS And Other Third-Party Solutions For Straight Through Customs Processing
  • Built-In Management Modules For Specific Customs Facilities Available Around The World
  • Removes Risk Of Data Leakage By Limiting Number Of Eyes And Hands On Sensitive Corporate Data
  • Single System For Customs Limits The Possibility Of Keying Errors, Omissions, Through Unnecessary Re-Keying And Data Transfers
  • Analysis of shipping documentation to ensure compliance
  • Preparation and e-submission of documents to government agencies
  • Correct classification of goods, determination of taxes, excises, and duties
  • Serving as a liaison between the company, forwarders and carriers and government agencies
  • Overall streamlining of the clearance process

In other words, it takes a lot of time, skill and effort to clear items through Customs.  Brokers must take into account various government regulations and individual customer requirements.

Furthermore, brokers must be familiar with the Customs laws, the tariff schedule and the specific regulations and restrictions for each type of import and each country.

Any errors in the clearance process can result in significant fines for the broker and the company.

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