Enabling Deep Tier Trade And Supply Chain Finance

We're at the forefront of revolutionising trade and supply chain finance, utilising the power of customs transactions data to authenticate and optimize deep-tier supply chain financing.

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Enabling Deep Tier Trade Finance
What is Deep Tier Trade and Supply Chain Finance and how does it work?

What is Deep Tier Trade Finance and how does it work?

Deep-tier finance, also known as deep-tier supply chain finance or deep-tier financing, refers to the process of providing financing solutions to suppliers and subcontractors located further down the supply chain.

In a typical supply chain, there are various tiers or levels of suppliers and service providers, with the first tier being those directly supplying the end product or service to the customer.

Deep-tier finance focuses on providing financial support to suppliers beyond the first tier, often extending to second-tier, third-tier, or even lower-tier suppliers.

Deep-tier supply chains are intricate and multifaceted, often involving multiple layers of suppliers, subcontractors, and intermediaries.

This complexity poses significant challenges for companies seeking to secure financing for these tiers.

Deep-tier finance can take various forms, including traditional loans, factoring, supply chain finance programs, and even innovative solutions powered by technologies like blockchain and digital platforms.

It often involves collaboration between companies, financial institutions, and other stakeholders in the supply chain to ensure that financing reaches suppliers at different tiers effectively.


What are the objectives of Deep Tier Trade Finance?

Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience

By providing financing to suppliers at various tiers, companies can help ensure the stability and resilience of their supply chain.

This is particularly important when disruptions occur, such as economic downturns, natural disasters, or unexpected supply chain interruptions.

Improving Supplier Relationships

Offering financing options to lower-tier suppliers can foster stronger and more collaborative relationships within the supply chain.

It can help build trust and reliability, which can lead to better performance and reduced supply chain risks.

Reducing Supply Chain Risk

Deep-tier finance can help mitigate financial risks associated with suppliers further down the chain.

By providing financial support, companies can reduce the chances of supplier bankruptcies or production delays due to financial constraints.

Optimising Working Capital

Deep-tier finance can help suppliers access working capital more efficiently, enabling them to invest in their operations, fulfil orders promptly, and improve their overall financial health.

Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency

With better access to financing, suppliers can optimize their operations, invest in technology and innovation, and contribute to a more efficient and competitive supply chain.

What do I need to know about Deep Tier Trade Finance?

The Complexity of Deep-Tier Supply Chains

Deep-tier supply chains are intricate and multifaceted, often involving multiple layers of suppliers, subcontractors, and intermediaries.

This complexity poses significant challenges for companies seeking to secure financing for these tiers.

The Risk Factor

One of the primary hurdles in deep-tier supply chain finance is assessing risk accurately.

Traditional lenders struggle to validate the authenticity of transactions, leading to higher interest rates and stringent collateral requirements.

The TNETS Global Deep Tier Trade Finance Solution

Leveraging Customs Transactions Data

TNETS Global’s revolutionary approach hinges on the use of customs transactions data.

We believe that these data can play a pivotal role in validating and authenticating supply chain transactions.

We discuss these in detail in the boxes below.


Verifiable Documentation

Customs transactions data provide a rich source of verifiable documentation.

Every shipment is documented, from origin to destination, creating an unbroken chain of evidence that can be used to validate transactions.

Real-time Monitoring

Our platform offers real-time monitoring of customs transactions.

This means that you can stay updated on every movement within your supply chain, allowing for swift response to any discrepancies or red flags.

Risk Assessment

By analyzing customs transactions data, our system can assess the risk associated with each transaction accurately.

This data-driven approach enables lenders to make informed decisions, reducing interest rates and collateral requirements.

Real-world Deep Tier Supply Chain Finance Success Stories

Cas Study - Electronics Supply Chain

A global electronics manufacturer used TNETS Global’s customs transactions data to secure financing for its deep-tier suppliers, reducing borrowing costs by 30%.

Case study - Automotive Supply Chain

A leading automotive company integrated TNETS Global’s platform, improving supplier relationships and reducing risk in their deep-tier supply chain.

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