In an AOG situation, time is of the essence. The anticipation of challenges and operational delays will require contingencies on every level. In most cases, a discounted area is often customs clearance, where discrepancies could let to an even longer delay.

At TNETS, we recognize the enormous needs of the aerospace industry. The engagement of serving the industry, have entailed us to provide accurate information on aero parts customs compliance, in shortest time possible. From screws to smoke detectors to navigation systems and even to ferry flying, we have and will ensure adequate compliance that meets every regulation imposed -24/7.

Get An Edge In Fast-moving Markets As TNETS Ensures Accurate And On-time Delivery Of Parts To Customers Worldwide.

100% Supply Chain Visibility With Customised Solutions To Reduce Cost

Become Best-in-class Through TNETS’s Overall Streamlining Of Clearance Process With Correct Classification Of Goods, Determination Of Taxes, Excises, And Duties