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Streamlining Retail and FMCG Customs: TNETS Global's Expert Customs Services - Clearances, Licenses, FTAs, Record Keeping, and Tariff Expertise

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What customs and trade compliance services does TNETS Global provide to the FMCG Industry

Navigating Customs with TNETS Global: A Tailored Solution for Retail and FMCG

In the ever-evolving landscape of global trade, the retail and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors face unique challenges when it comes to customs compliance.

TNETS Global, the industry leader in customs and trade compliance services and technologies, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to address these specific needs.

From customs clearance to tariff classification, and with cutting-edge technologies like TNETS v4.1 and Customs 360, TNETS Global empowers Retail and FMCG businesses to thrive in the complex world of international trade.

Customs Services Tailored for Retail and FMCG

1. Customs Clearance

Efficient customs clearance is the lifeblood of any retail or FMCG operation. TNETS Global ensures swift and hassle-free clearance processes, helping your goods move seamlessly across borders. Our experts are well-versed in the regulations that affect your industry, ensuring your products reach the market on time.

2. Import Licenses

Navigating the intricacies of import licensing can be a daunting task, but TNETS Global simplifies the process. We assist you in obtaining the necessary licenses, ensuring your compliance with the specific requirements of Retail and FMCG imports.

3. Certificates of Origin

For Retail and FMCG, maintaining the authenticity of products is essential. TNETS Global helps you secure certificates of origin, providing assurance to both customers and authorities about the source and quality of your products.

4. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

Accessing FTAs can lead to substantial cost savings. TNETS Global guides Retail and FMCG clients in identifying and utilizing relevant FTAs, helping them capitalize on duty reductions and preferential trade terms.

5. Importer and Exporter of Record Services

Managing the responsibilities of an importer or exporter of record can be complex. TNETS Global takes on this role, ensuring that all necessary documentation and legal obligations are met, leaving you to focus on your core business operations.

6. Tariff Classification

Correctly classifying products is crucial for duty determination. Our experts excel in tariff classification, ensuring that your Retail and FMCG goods are assigned the appropriate harmonized system (HS) codes, minimizing risk and maximizing cost-efficiency.

Customs Services Tailored for Retail and FMCG

Cutting-Edge Technologies for Retail and FMCG

1. TNETS v4.1 – WCO-Compliant Customs Declaration Platform

TNETS v4.1 is the cornerstone of our technology offerings. This state-of-the-art customs declaration platform ensures that your Retail and FMCG imports and exports are fully compliant with World Customs Organization (WCO) standards. With automated processes and real-time updates, it streamlines customs declarations, reducing errors and expediting clearance.

2. Customs 360 – Customs and Trade Business Intelligence

Customs 360 is your window into the intricate world of customs and trade. Tailored for Retail and FMCG, it provides you with invaluable insights and analytics. Monitor market trends, track competitors, and make informed decisions, all while staying ahead of regulatory changes that could impact your industry.


TNETS Global understands the unique customs and trade challenges that Retail and FMCG businesses face.

With a comprehensive range of customs services and advanced technologies like TNETS v4.1 and Customs 360, we provide tailor-made solutions that ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Trust TNETS Global to be your partner in conquering the complexities of international trade in the Retail and FMCG sectors.

Contact us today to explore how our expertise can enhance your global trade endeavors.

What documents do I need for Customs Clearance?

Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice is a critical document.

It contains all the financial conditions of the buyer-seller agreement, including the shipping terms required for customs clearance.

In some cases, the importer can use a pro-forma invoice instead of a commercial invoice as an official document.

Customs officials utilise the information on the invoice to assess the taxes and duties applicable to your cargo.

Packing List

The packing list is part of the shipping documentation and contains precise information about the products.

The freight forwarders will utilize this list to inspect and trace every item in your shipment as it comprises the weight, size, safety measures, and packaging for the cargo.

Exporters may sometimes integrate the above two documents into a single combined document called a CIPL (commercial invoice packing list).

Transport Document

The transport document may be either an Airwaybill for air freight, a Bill of Lading for ocean freight, a Consignment Note for an express shipment or parcel, or a Delivery Order for road freight, and is what the shipper and freight forwarder use to confirm receipt of goods for shipping.

Either the carrier or a freight forwarder will issue a bill of lading to you as the exporter.

This further guarantees the legal receipt of your cargo and contains precise information about the shipping destination, the products you are shipping, and how you wish them to be handled.

Other documents you might need for Customs Clearance:

Import and Export Licenses

Having the correct licences in place when you import or export goods to and from foreign markets ensures the safety of the commodities you are shipping and is a prerequisite for carrying restricted goods.

The owner of the goods can obtain any import or export licenses required by applying to the appropriate licensing authorities, and these vary from country to country.

Certification of Origin (COO)

A Certificate of Origin (COO) states where the items originate, were processed or obtained from ensuring that the export or import is lawful and that export or import duties and taxes are correctly calculated.

The consulate or chamber of commerce can sometimes issue or certify this document. For claiming duty preferences, it’s usually the national customs body in the country of origin which issues the COO.

The exporter is responsible for delivering the certificate of origin following the rules and regulations of the destination country.

Working with experienced customs brokers makes international shipping easier.

Customs brokers are registered and licenced professionals who can assist with customs clearance and guarantee that you have the proper documents for your freight shipment.

Read more about certificates of origin and how TNETS can assist you with these here.

Purchase Order

A purchase order is a formal declaration that you have received an order.

This document contains information about the transaction, including the parties involved, the products, and the transaction date.

Whatever the size of your business or the industry you serve, TNETS Global has a customs clearance solution for you.
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