When it comes to Food Import and Export, speed and reliability matter most!

The tightly-linked supply chain connections allow for minimal dwell times and no disruptions. TNETS smooths the flow of goods through customs in full compliance with all food regulations.

Food importers and exporters face major complications with food safety, labelling and customs regulations. The TNETS team ensure your goods reach customers on time and cost-effectively.

We do this by ensuring all import licences are in place, all rules and regulations have been complied with, including accurate classifications and correct valuations, during the customs declarations process.

Our processes include detailed documentation and a supporting audit trail. This is critical because many countries require that commercial food imports entering their territory come from accredited food establishments.

Furthermore, some countries prohibit certain types of food from certain territories, while most importing countries require traders to be licensed or registered with the country’s food standards agency.

Reduce The Risk Of Penalties And Delays With TNETS As Your Customs Partner For The Food And Beverage Industry

TNETS Provides Practical Assistance With Food Importing And Exporting Activities Including Product Licences And Registrations

Let TNETS Guide You Through The Complexities Of Food And Food Imports And Leave You To Focus On Running Your Business