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Customs Clearance in Singapore
TNETS Global provides the people, processes, technology and services which deliver a complete customs clearance solution for corporate clients and logistics providers in Singapore.....and beyond!
Customs Clearance in Singapore

Before release of international freight upon arrival at destination or departure from origin, the owner must obtain a cargo clearance permit (CCP).

The exporter must obtain a CCP for the export clearance before the cargo leaves the port of origin.

Similarly, a package can only leave the destination port and into ‘free circulation’ once the importer has received a CCP for import clearance.

TNETS Global makes the customs clearance process in Singapore fast, transparent and cost effective for all businesses

Critical Considerations

Even seasoned shippers making customs permit declaration can run into complications if they don’t have the appropriate documents on hand.

It’s critical you meet the conditions laid down by Singapore Customs when your freight is exported from Singapore or when it is being imported into Singapore.

Your Obligations

You can outsource the physical and administrative work of processing cargo clearance permits.

It remains your responsibility however as owner of the goods to ensure you have complied with all of the related customs rules and regulations.

The obligation to have paid any duties and taxes due to Singapore Customs also rests with the owner of the goods.

Overview of Customs Procedures for Singapore

The commercial invoice, packing list, and shipping document are essential for customs clearance in Singapore. Still, your package will only physically leave customs control once all duties and taxes have been paid or guarantees given and the cargo clearance permit has been issued.

For certain cargoes, you may need additional documents such as import / export licences issued by Singapore Controlling Agencies (CAs) or Competent Authorities as they are sometimes know, or certificates of origin to clear customs. Our team can advise you further on this.

TNETS Global: Your Customs Clearance Partner In Singapore

At TNETS Global, we are proud to be a leading customs intermediary and provider of customs and trade management technology in Singapore.

Our strategic location in the heart of Asia Pacific, with excellent air and sea connectivity, makes us the perfect partner for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of customs and trade in the region.

Partner with TNETS Global and start enjoying the peace of mind, speed, and cost effectiveness our customs clearance solutions deliver!

TNETS Global makes the customs clearance process in Singapore fast, transparent and cost effective for all businesses

Customs Clearance Expertise

Our team of experienced professionals understands the intricacies of customs regulations and procedures in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific.

We offer comprehensive customs clearance services to ensure smooth and efficient import and export processes for your goods.

With our in-depth knowledge of customs laws, we help you navigate through the complexities and ensure compliance, saving you time and resources.

Trade Management Technology

To simplify your customs and trade processes, we provide cutting-edge trade management technology solutions.

Our state-of-the-art software and digital platforms enable seamless document management, real-time visibility of your shipments, automated compliance checks, and efficient communication with relevant authorities.

Our technology empowers you to streamline your supply chain, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency.

Regional Reach

Singapore’s strategic location at the crossroads of major trade routes and its world-class transportation infrastructure make it an ideal hub for businesses operating in the Asia Pacific region.

With our extensive network and partnerships, we extend our services beyond Singapore to cover the entire Asia Pacific region.

Whether you need assistance with customs clearance, trade compliance, or trade technology solutions, our experts are equipped to support your business needs across borders.

Air, Sea and Road Connectivity

Singapore is renowned for its excellent air, sea and road connectivity, making it an ideal gateway to the Asia Pacific.

Changi Airport, consistently ranks as one of the best airports globally, and offers direct passenger and freight flights to cities worldwide.

Our proximity to the port of Singapore, one of the busiest and most efficient ports in the world, ensures seamless sea transport for your goods.

And now with the ASEAN Customs Transit System (ACTS) coming into greater effect, Singapore is also key node for road transport of goods within South East Asia, and not just to and from Malaysia.

At TNETS Global, we leverage this connectivity to provide you with efficient and reliable customs and trade services.

Value-Added Services

In addition to our core customs clearance and trade management technology offerings, we provide a range of value-added services to cater to your unique requirements.

These include consulting services for trade compliance, duty and tax optimization strategies, supply chain risk management, and trade finance solutions.

Our aim is to be your trusted partner, supporting your business growth and helping you stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

Experience The TNETS Global Advantage

With our deep customs expertise, advanced trade management technology, extensive regional reach, and seamless air and sea connectivity, TNETS Global Singapore is your go-to partner for customs and trade solutions in the Asia Pacific.

We are committed to delivering exceptional service, enhancing your operational efficiency, and ensuring compliance in a rapidly changing global trade environment.

Contact us today to explore how TNETS Global Singapore can support your customs and trade management needs.

Together, let’s unlock new opportunities and drive your business forward in the dynamic Asia Pacific region.



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