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Accreditations in Singapore
What is TNETS Global's commitment to quality?


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At TNETS Global, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We understand that quality is the cornerstone of trust and success in the global customs and trade management industry. That’s why we’re proud to showcase our ISO 9001 certification on our website.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. It demonstrates our dedication to delivering consistent, high-quality services and technologies to our clients. This certification is a testament to our rigorous processes, continuous improvement culture, and customer-centric approach.


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At TNETS Global, we take our commitment to environmental responsibility seriously. Our ISO 14001 certifcation provides a glimpse into our dedication to sustainable practices in the customs and trade management industry.

Minimize Environmental Impact: Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and resource consumption throughout our operations are a constant.

Compliance and Certification: Our ISO 14001 certification reflects our dedication to eco-friendly trade solutions.

Sustainability Initiatives: From efficient logistics to reducing waste, TNETS Global promotes a greener future.

TNETS Global is proud to lead the way in combining cutting-edge customs and trade management services with a deep commitment to preserving the planet.



At TNETS Global, safety is at the heart of everything we do.

We understand the importance of creating a secure and healthy work environment for our employees and partners. That’s why we’re proud to maintain our commitment to ISO 45001, the global standard for occupational health and safety management.

Our ISO 45001 certification reflects our dedication to ensuring the well-being of our workforce and the people we interact with. It’s our way of demonstrating our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards across all our operations.

Which industry bodies is TNETS Global an active participant in?

Singapore Customs Declaring Agents Governance Framework


The Declaring Agent Governance Framework seeks to raise the level of proficiency and professionalism of the declaring agent industry, and to incentivise declaring agents with good internal control procedures and processes and good compliance records.

Declaring agents and declarants act as the critical intermediary between Singapore Customs and the trading community.

They are also responsible for the accuracy, completeness and integrity of the trade declarations, and compliance with any conditions that are stipulated in the trade declarations.

Recognising the important role played, Singapore Customs has implemented the Declaring Agent Governance Framework to help raise the overall proficiency and professionalism of the declaring agents and declarants.

Networked Trade Platform

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The Networked Trade Platform (NTP) is a trade information management platform for the trade and logistics industry, as well as adjacent sectors such as the trade finance industry.

NTP enables businesses to share and re­use secure data and documents among their business partners and the government.

NTP can also help businesses to streamline processes, reduce inefficiencies of manual trade document exchange, and tap on the potential of data analytics to draw insights from their trade data.

Singapore Logistics Association

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SLA represents over 600 logistics enterprises, and stays anchored in its unwavering mission to support and sustain a vibrant and thriving ecosystem for the logistics sector through active industry participation and collaborations with both local and international logistics partners.

Offering a wide range of targeted programmes and initiatives to help enterprises be future ready, SLA also constantly reviews and explores forward-looking initiatives to help logistics companies implement business transformation improvements to emerge stronger and ahead of competition.

Singapore Air Cargo Agents Association

The Singapore Aircargo Agents Association (SAAA) is a non-profit trade association representing the air cargo forwarding industry in Singapore. It was established in 1971 and has over 100 members, which account for over 90% of Singapore’s air cargo throughput.

The SAAA plays an important role in promoting and developing the air cargo forwarding industry in Singapore. It advocates for the interests of its members and works with the government and other stakeholders to create a conducive environment for the industry to grow and thrive.

The SAAA also provides a range of services to its members, including training and development, networking opportunities, and market research. It also publishes a quarterly magazine, Perspectives, which provides news and information on the air cargo forwarding industry.

Singapore Business Federation

sbf logo

The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) is the apex business chamber championing the interests of the Singapore business community in the areas of trade, investment and industrial relations.

SBF connects the business community, trade associations and the Government, to promote a better understanding of business concerns and government policies so as to uplift businesses.

SBF also supports businesses in their growth journey through internationalisation, business transformation and in enhancing jobs and skills.

Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce


Established in 1924, the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) is the premier business association for Indian businesses in Singapore.

With over 600 members from all walks of trade and industry, SICCI serves as a connector, enabler, and advocator, helping companies grow both locally and internationally.

Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association

ssia logo

Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA) is the voice of Singapore’s semiconductor industry and is committed to support this important sector in Singapore in order to facilitate substantial growth of the whole semiconductor economy of the country.

SSIA members today include companies and organizations throughout all parts of the complex and comprehensive value chain – IC design companies, Manufacturers, Fabless companies, Equipment suppliers, Photovoltaic and LED companies, EDA and material suppliers. Training and service providers, IP companies, Research institutes and Academia, as well as individual members.

Association of Aerosapce Industries of Singapore

aais logo

The Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore) or AAIS, is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2003 to promote the development of Singapore as a leading aerospace hub.

Its vision is “An Innovative Aerospace Community for a Sustainable Future.”

AAIS represents companies involved in aviation, aerospace and unmanned aircraft systems, including maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), manufacturing, parts distribution, research & development, training and education, and aftermarket services.

AAIS serves as the voice of industry to influence future directions and policies, facilitates business and engenders the development of the industry community.

Transported Asset Protection Association

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Founded in 1997, TAPA has three regions across the globe, namely Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the Americas.

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a unique forum that unites global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains.

Today, TAPA has over 1,200 members, including many of the world’s leading manufacturing brands as well as their logistics and transport providers with combined annual sales of over US$900 billion.

Singapore National Employers Federation

snef logo

Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) is the body representing employers and is dedicated to advance tripartism and enhance labour market flexibility to enable employers to implement responsible employment practices.

SNEF is supported by more than 3,400 employers, employing over 800,000 employees, across all sectors of the economy, including government agencies and social service agencies.

As part of our commitment to our members, SNEF constantly partner and work closely with various Government Agencies and Knowledge Experts, to develop and provide a wide range of assistance programmes and services to support our members in their efforts to achieve excellence in responsible employment practices.

NS Mark

ns mark

Businesses and organisations that are awarded the NS Mark are entitled to use the NS Mark logo in their marketing and promotional materials. They are also listed on the NS Mark website and are recognised by MINDEF and the SAF for their support of NS and TD.

The NS Mark is an important way for businesses and organisations to show their support for NS and TD. It is also a valuable recognition for businesses and organisations that have implemented pro-NS and TD policies and HR practices.

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