Singapore Strategic Goods Control Act (SGCA)

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Navigating Customs for Dual-Use Goods In Singapore
What is the Singapore Strategic Goods Control Act (SGCA) and how does it work?

Navigating Customs for Dual-Use Goods In Singapore

Singapore has established its own export control regime to regulate the export of strategic goods and technologies.

The primary authority responsible for export controls in Singapore is the Singapore Customs, under the Singapore Strategic Goods Control Act (SGCA).

Singapore Strategic Goods Control Act (SGCA)

The SGCA is the legislative framework governing the control of strategic goods and services in Singapore.

It is designed to ensure that Singapore complies with international non-proliferation and export control agreements, including the Wassenaar Arrangement and other relevant multilateral export control regimes.

Strategic Goods Control List

Singapore maintains a Strategic Goods Control List that specifies the goods and technologies subject to export controls.

This list includes items such as military equipment, dual-use items, and technologies with potential military applications.

The Strategic Goods Control List is regularly updated to align with international standards.

Licensing and Permits

Exporters of strategic goods listed in the SGCA are required to obtain appropriate licenses or permits from Singapore Customs before exporting or transferring these goods.

Singapore Customs evaluates each export application on a case-by-case basis, considering factors such as the nature of the goods, the destination, and the end-use.

Transshipment Control

Singapore also has strict controls in place for transshipment activities, ensuring that strategic goods passing through Singapore’s ports are not diverted to unauthorized destinations or end-users.

End-User and End-Use Checks

Singapore Customs conducts end-user and end-use checks to verify the legitimacy of transactions involving strategic goods.

This helps prevent the diversion of these goods to unauthorized or illicit purposes.

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