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Revolutionizing customs declaration processing with TNETS v4.1

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TNETS v4.1


TNETS v4.1 is the cutting-edge customs declaration processing application that brings efficiency and simplicity to the complex world of international trade in Singapore.

Our innovative solution combines manual entry capabilities with seamless integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Warehouse Management System (WMS) connectivity.

By adhering to the World Customs Organization’s (WCO) SAFE Framework of Standards, Singapore Customs approved TNETS v4.1 ensures secure and compliant customs declarations while enabling straight-through processing for faster and hassle-free transactions.

Streamlined Customs Declaration Processing in Singapore

Effortless Manual Entry

TNETS v4.1 empowers users with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making manual customs declaration entry in Singapore a breeze.

Whether you’re an individual importer or a large-scale logistics provider, our platform accommodates all types of businesses.

With TNETS v4.1, you can effortlessly enter and manage customs declaration information, including product details, quantity, value, and necessary supporting documentation.

ERP and WMS Connectivity

For enhanced automation and optimized processes, TNETS v4.1 seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP or WMS systems.

By connecting directly to your enterprise systems, our application enables real-time data synchronization, minimizing errors and eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

Experience the power of streamlined workflows and synchronized information flow, improving efficiency throughout your supply chain.

Straight-Through Processing (STP)

TNETS v4.1’s advanced technology allows for Straight-Through Processing (STP) of customs declarations, reducing processing times and facilitating faster customs clearance.

With our automated validation and intelligent data mapping, your declarations undergo a rigorous verification process, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and reducing the risk of delays or penalties.

TNETS v4.1’s connectivity directly to client ERP systems and to Singapore Customs ensures there is a seamless flow of data from source to the regulator.

By automating routine tasks, TNETS v4.1 enables customs officials to focus on exceptional cases, resulting in faster clearance for your goods.

Compliance with WCO's SAFE Framework of Standards

TNETS v4.1 is designed in strict accordance with the World Customs Organization’s (WCO) SAFE Framework of Standards and approved by Singapore Customs.

We prioritize data security, risk management, and compliance with international trade regulations, ensuring that your customs declarations are always accurate, complete, and secure.

Our commitment to following WCO guidelines guarantees that your operations are aligned with global customs practices, safeguarding your business reputation and minimizing potential trade barriers.

Key Features and Benefits of TNETS v4.1

Enhanced Efficiency

  • Streamlined customs declaration entry process
  • Integration with ERP and WMS systems for seamless data flow
  • Straight-Through Processing (STP) for faster clearance

Compliance and Risk Management

  • Adherence to the WCO’s SAFE Framework of Standards
  • Error-free data validation and verification
  • Minimized risk of penalties and delays

Data Security and Confidentiality

  • Secure storage and transmission of sensitive data
  • Advanced encryption protocols
  • Role-based access controls for data protection

Real-time Tracking and Reporting

  • Track the status of customs declarations in real-time
  • Generate comprehensive reports and analytics
  • Gain valuable insights for process optimization and decision-making
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