Customs Clearance Services for the United Arab Emirates

TNETS Global is a customs broker with a difference. We have the people, process and technology in-house.

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Customs Clearance for the United Arab Emirates
TNETS Global: Your Partner for Seamless Customs and Trade Solutions in the United Arab Emirates

About TNETS Global

At TNETS Global, we are dedicated to simplifying the complexities of international trade.

With our cutting-edge customs and trade management services and technology, we empower businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to navigate the intricate world of customs compliance, import/export regulations, and supply chain efficiency.

As the leading provider of customs and trade management solutions in the region, we take pride in our commitment to delivering excellence.

What services and technology does TNETS Global provide in the United Arab Emirates?

Customs Brokerage

Our expert customs brokers are your trusted advisors in navigating the UAE’s customs landscape.

We streamline the customs clearance process, ensuring your imports and exports comply with all regulations. Our services include:

  • Customs Documentation: We handle all necessary documentation, reducing your administrative burden.
  • Duty and Tax Calculation: Our team calculates duties and taxes accurately to minimize costs.
  • Tariff Classification: We determine the correct HS codes for your products for seamless customs clearance.
  • Duty Drawback Services: Maximize your refunds with our duty drawback expertise.

Trade Compliance

Compliance is the cornerstone of international trade success.

TNETS Global provides comprehensive trade compliance services tailored to your industry and specific needs.

Our offerings include:

  • Export Control Screening: We ensure your products comply with export control laws and regulations.
  • Sanctioned Party Screening: Our system helps you avoid transactions with restricted individuals or entities.
  • Trade License Management: Stay on top of your licensing requirements to avoid costly penalties.
  • Audit Support: Our experts are ready to assist in case of audits or compliance investigations.

Trade Technology

Stay ahead in the fast-paced world of international trade with our cutting-edge technology solutions.

Our innovative software and platforms include:

  • Customs Management System: Our digital platform simplifies customs declarations and document management.
  • Trade Compliance Software: Ensure adherence to global trade regulations with our compliance software.
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Track your shipments in real-time for better control and decision-making.
  • Trade Analytics: Gain insights into your trade data to optimize your supply chain and reduce costs.

Consulting Services

Our experienced consultants offer strategic guidance to enhance your trade operations.

Whether you need assistance with trade strategy development, risk assessment, or process optimization, our experts are here to help you succeed.

Whatever the size of your business or the industry you serve, TNETS Global has a customs clearance solution for you.
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